Generate and issue invoices easily

Issuing invoices is a mandatory operation in construction projects. In combination with the construction add-on, the standard invoice functionality allows you to create bill orders for fixed-price projects. The invoices that can be generated include advances from customers and invoices for work done. 

Contracts with investors

Advances from customers:

  • With Dynamics 365 Finance and Construction add-on, you can invoice advances to the customers, and include them in the relevant IPC.
  • Construction add-on provides options to deduct advance amounts from each reported project stage.
  • The function assists you for full deduction of advance amounts or a deduction based on the negotiated percentage at the project level proportionally on the executed works.


Invoices for work done:

  • Invoices issued at the end of the financial period or end of a project stage.
  • Invoices based on finished work reported for the period.
  • Customer invoice proposal in the construction add-on uses the on-account approach.
  • Option to invoice all reported quantity or partially.
  • Invoice proposal following the interim payment certificate generation, on-account transactions related to the IPC sections.

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