Interim Payment Certificate


Justify the performed work

During project execution, there are various documents that you need to arrange in case you want to keep clear and professional relations with your clients. Being able to issue an Interim payment certificate for your customers (IPC) will let you validate your business agreement. Thanks to our specilized add-on, you can prepare this document, which aims to justify the work done before it is time for issuing invoices. The Interim payment certificate has to be signed by both the construction company and the customer.



  • Collect all information related to the executed works on the project and report it to the customer at each period.
  • Construction add-on IPC is in line with all FIDIC requirements, organized in different sections.
  • You can report the project stages showing complete and accurate data of contract value of executed works.
  • You will get all information in a detailed or summarized forms.
  • IPC functionality provides support and representation of all activities in the hierarchy, in both monetary values and quantities.

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