Request for quotation (RFQs)


Stay informed about the market situation and get the best offer In the construction industry, it is very important to stay aware of the market situation and the offer terms due to the need for a consistent supply of a specific number of standard products. Therefore, it is beneficial to have a tool that will help you receive competitive offers, monitor bids, request quotations, etc. The seamless integration of 4Construction with Dynamics 365 Finance & Operation allows users to register and track all RFQs, initiated by the company, compare the results of the different offers, and select the best option based on the company policies.



  • The functionality is used to receive competitive offers from several vendors for items or services.
  • Helps request quotations to get related purchases for the construction process or other departments in the company.
  • Monitor all bids (RFQ replies).
  • Set up criteria for bids processing and manage the accepted or rejected processes.
  • Purchase orders or agreements are automatically generated for accepted quotations.

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