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Manage your purchase orders intelligently

Keeping your inventory neat and always being aware of your stock levels are crucial factors for performing construction projects seamlessly. Purchase orders are an integral part of this process. Thus, it is important to manage and track them efficiently.

There are three types of POs. When you create a PO, you must specify the type: Journal, Purchase order or Returned order. POs include several status fields that indicate the progress of the order. All these fields are visible in the Header view of the order, and a few of them are also visible in the grid overview of all orders.


4Construction provides the opportunity to do this through the procurement module of Dynamics 365. In real-time the responsible team can create and maintain purchase order information as an official document issued by your company.

With an interactive and user-friendly workspace, the system helps the procurement team to focus its efforts on the purchase orders creation, their review, and processing of orders through approval and confirmation with the vendor.



  • All purchase orders for items or services can be created and maintained in the system.
  • It is possible to track the order status, from creation, through approval, receiving of items, and vendor invoice.
  • Manually create or generate forms from purchase agreement or requisition.
  • Get follow-up of all product receipts.
  • Purchase orders can go through the review process or workflow, and you can easily maintain their status.

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