Always be informed about your quotations

The quotation is an important part of the relationship with your customers. Thanks to our specified functionality you will always be informed about each phase of this process. You can perform tracking and monitoring of each project stage seamlessly. That includes details about the preparation of a quotation, the submission to the customer, and its response afterward. The quotation project is a non-binding estimate of the work that needs to be done. It is built on the project’s characteristics and activities of the work breakdown structure provided by the customer.



  • Includes detailed information of quoted items and services that is part of performing the project activities.
  • The provided data is detailed and based on the activities in the project hierarchy.
  • Besides the financial information, it is possible to enter details about timing, duration, and activities.
  • It is connected with “Norms” functionality. You can create quotations using standard norms assigned to the WBS template.
  • Workflow functionality for approving quotations internally before submitting to customer.
  • Tracking quotation status winning or not.
  • Winning quotations can be transferred to the final project.

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