Guarantee quality performance

Following the standards in executing projects, let you provide quality performance to your customers. Having a rich portfolio is a plus because you have enough experience to standardize the components and amounts for accomplishing certain actions.

The “Norms” add-on of our solution allows you to finish a project by using a previously established formula. It also helps you determine the standard cost and estimate an activity’s offering price.


  • The Norm or the bill of quantity of activity defines all types of resources used to perform an activity.
  • The add-on helps for defining information for material resources, human resources, machinery, subcontracting, and expenses separately.
  • Assign norms to different projects and quotations with similar activities and work breakdown structures.
  • Use it as a template and apply the complexity coefficient based on the project specifics.
  • Different profit percentages are applicable over the sales price for the different resource types.

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