Finding a reliable partner in the construction field is a must. Therefore, each step of communication with the customers is crucial. In combination with the dynamic changes that occur when planning and executing projects, the pressure in organizations in this field is tangible.

Construction and project management companies need a solution that will be a helping hand in each step of the accomplishment.  

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4Construction ensures all of this. At the first step in a project phase, our solution will assist you in making an attractive and comprehensive offer to your customer. You will be able to identify all components required to perform and estimate the jobs done.

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The norms in construction projects are a guarantee for performance quality. Having a rich experience in the field is beneficial because working with different projects helps you standardize the components and quantities you use for performing specific activities. With our construction add-on “Norms” you can define the formula for completing an activity of the construction phases. In addition, it allows you to identify the standard cost and estimate the offering price of the action.

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