The dynamic and unpredictable environment in the construction sector requires that companies effectively manage the resources they use in the execution of their projects.

If you are in charge of multiple buildings, it is crucial to have physical materials and items at your disposal and be aware of their quotation.

Most of the construction managers juggle between many jobs: monitoring the work of the construction teams, maintaining good relations with subcontractors and vendors, meeting deadlines, etc. 

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A construction software system with proper functionality can help to significantly increase your productivity and lower the chance of making mistakes. Except for the various handy features, 4Construction allows companies to manage their inventory via specially dedicated functionality.   

Through this functionality, you will be able to manage and track your materials and items in stock. This can be done in real-time through Inventory and Warehouse Management modules.

The feature provides information from quantity and cost points of view, physical and financial information for each inventory transaction.

In addition, you will be able to manage all processes from receipts, shipments, transfer of inventory, counting, cost adjustment, etc.




With 4Construction functionalities, you can build and maintain a detailed list of the materials used during the different business processes, including materials used in all contraction phases and those for internal consumption.

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