Contracts with investors

Contracts with Investor

Keep your contracts with investors in a safe place

The project contract is an official agreement between the constructor and the investor. This document contains information about the sales currency, invoice frequency, funding rules, payment schedule for splitting invoice amount, etc.

You can use these contracts to invoice projects based on their type, time, material, or fixed price. Every invoiced project must be associated with a corresponding contract containing relevant information.

In addition, 4Construction provides Work Breakdown Structure functionality (WBS), which gives you detailed information about all the construction activities in the project according to the agreement between the parties.

Contracts with Investor
Contracts with investors


  • You can see the hierarchy data of all project activities.
  • The feature gives information about sales amount at activity level based on the contract.
  • You will receive information about each activity’s budgeted values (quantity and unit rates) according to the tender/quotation.
  • You will get timeline information for the duration of each activity – relations, start, and end date.
  • Together with the “Norms” functionality, you can assign the components and resources required to perform the activity. You have access to the needed information about the lowest level in the activity hierarchy.
  • You can maintain different versions of WBS till the end of the project.
  • Two view options for the WBS functionality: scheduling (general picture) and cost estimates (detailed info from a cost point of view).

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