Plan your funds, define values and execute budget control

The effective management of the construction company budget allows the organization to run its business smoothly and gain high revenue. Good planning and precise control over the corporate funds are fundamental for the positive performance of the organization. The budgeting module of 4Construction allows you to achieve your goals without losing focus on your funds. It helps you set a budget plan, define budget values, and gain budget control. 



  • Supports different budget plan scenarios before approving and converting them in the budget register entry.
  • Provides tools for maintaining the budget and keeping amounts traceable.
  • Issue budgeting amounts at GL level or combined with other financial dimensions.
  • Set applicable budget control in different transactions based on company policies.
  • Easy to create and maintain budget amounts through Excel.
  • Possibility to revise the original budget, transfer, and carry forward budget amounts between fiscal years.

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