Accounts receivable

Accounts receivable

Track and manage customers’ balance and invoices The construction industry is a dynamic and fast-moving field. Changes may appear on a daily basis. At the same time, finding quality customers and keeping good business relations with them can be challenging. The financial part of this interaction is not less important. If you are working intensely with clients, you probably appreciate the value of being aware of each phase and detail in your cooperation with them. 4Construction can help you. Our construction solution is integrated with Dynamics 365 Finance and its users can work with the various handy features that the system provides. One of them is the Accounts Receivable module. You can use Accounts Receivable to record new customers, track customer invoices and incoming payments. You can create sales invoices that are based on sales orders or packing slips. You can also enter free text invoices that are not related to sales orders. You can create recurring invoices to charge customers same amount periodically. You can receive payments by using several different payment types. These include bills of exchange, cash, checks, credit cards, and electronic payments.

Accounts receivable


  • Store a complete list of your customers and information about their balance.
  • Issue sales invoices through sales orders or free text invoices for offered services.
  • Get real-time data for customer balance and due payments.
  • Register customer payments and settlements with invoices.
  • Manage different terms and methods of payments at customer or invoice level.
  • Integrated with General Ledger and Cash and Bank Management modules.
  • Helps you run foreign currency revaluation for transactions.

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