Accounts payable

Accounts payable

Manage financial relations with vendors efficiently

Cooperation with the vendors and subcontractors is as much important as with investors. According to the signed agreement with a supplier and during the project implementation, it is necessary to prepare various documents and invoices. With a specific module of our software solution, you optimize the performance of all these operations.

4Construction provides the Accounts Payable module, part of Dynamics 365 Finance. It will assist you in managing your liabilities to vendors. In addition, the module lets you enter in the system all vendor invoices issued for goods or services. Tracking payments, identifying liabilities due to payment, and managing your cash out are also possible.

Accounts payable


  • Register and post with detailed information all vendor invoices for goods or services.
  • Specify payment terms and payment schedules at vendor level and invoice level.
  • Maintains vendor payments.
  • Provides possibility to use payment proposals.
  • Helps to manage discounts and prepayments.
  • It is integrated with General Ledger and Cash and Bank Management modules.
  • Identifies differences in the exchange rate between payments and invoices.

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