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Infrastructure is a broad sector, part of the construction field. It includes public and private physical structures such as roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, water supply, etc. In general, the well-organized infrastructure ensures better conditions for living and developing the populated places and not only.    

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Concerning the construction part of different infrastructure objectives, there are many specifics to be considered. On the first place, it is the terrain state: relief of the earth’s surface, weather conditions, natural sites, and also the organization and execution of the project.

Precise storage of contracts and documentation in one place, planning and monitoring each job of your employees are just one part of the infrastructure manager responsibilities.

To find highly qualified specialists who can create and maintain such work efficiently is a challenging task. But choosing the right software solution for the needs of your infrastructure projects can significantly improve the performance of your company.

With 4Construction, you will have a comprehensive overview of projects, covering each process through the construction cycle.


With 4Construction you can:

  • Plan, define values, and execute budget control.
  • Store all kinds of contracts with vendors and subcontractors in one place.
  • Have access to important data from previous projects that you can apply to your present jobs.
  • Monitor the progress of work done for each activity of the work breakdown structure.
  • Track all changes happening in the project during its timeline.
  • Identify and calculate warranty amount.
  • Create, store, track, review purchase orders easily.
  • Keep all inventory data safe.
  • Manage your accounting.

What is your role?

With 4Construction functionalities, your managers and team leaders can gain control over work done, the status of phases, and financial operations. Also, they can optimize processes, analyze performance and productivity, monitor inventory and cooperation with third parties, and make informed business decisions.

Are you responsible for more than one building project? Are you aware of their status, cash flows, and deadlines? With 4Construction, you will have a comprehensive overview of everything important.

4Construction provides many benefits to project managers. Through the system, you will have quick access to crucial points of your project. From warehouse conditions through communications with vendors and subcontractors to tracking the work done, you will always be up-to-date with your projects progress.

With activity execution functionality, your employees can report their work done. Thus, you will be able to track the completion of the tasks in the construction project.

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