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Constructing a building is a long-term process that includes many phases. Whether we are talking about residential or business estates, a large building, or a one-floor house, each project requires precise planning, quality materials, reliable vendors, efficient management, and qualified professionals.    

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In the last few years, the competition between construction companies has constantly been growing. To be competitive in the market, you have to offer high quality in the projects execution and the best conditions for starting cooperation. A rich portfolio is always a plus.

With a software system like 4Construction, you can manage all your building projects through its various functionalities. From signing contracts to planning, tracking teams and executing the job, our construction solution will be next to you, providing a reliable platform where you can keep all your important data.


With 4Construction you can:

  • Manage many projects at one time.
  • Store important documents and contracts with investors, subcontractors, and third parties.
  • Use successful formulas from previous projects for present executions.
  • Be aware of your quotations.
  • Track the project progress efficiently.
  • Create a structure with all vacant units in the building.
  • Manage all monthly rent invoices, management, and administration fees, or property taxes.
  • Accomplish effective change management.
  • Issue Interim payment certificates for your customers easily.
  • Generate invoices for work done and advanced invoices for customers.
  • Perform your warranty management via specialized functionality.
  • Have a good awareness of inventory status – material levels, information about sites, and warehouses.
  • Get a perfect overview of all your bank accounts and cash flows.
  • Execute precise fund planning and budget control.

What is your role?

With 4Construction functionalities, your managers and team leaders can gain control over work done, the status of phases, and financial operations. Also, they can optimize processes, analyze performance and productivity, monitor inventory and cooperation with third parties, and make informed business decisions.

Are you responsible for more than one building project? Are you aware of their status, cash flows, and deadlines? With 4Construction, you will have a comprehensive overview of everything important.

4Construction provides many benefits to project managers. Through the system, you will have quick access to crucial points of your project. From warehouse conditions through communications with vendors and subcontractors to tracking the work done, you will always be up-to-date with your projects progress.

With activity execution functionality, your employees can report their work done. Thus, you will be able to track the completion of the tasks in the construction project.

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