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4Construction is a specialized software solution dedicated to mid-sized and large building companies. It is developed to provide the conditions to store all valuable information about construction projects in one place.

Through the various features and modules, managers can easily access data related to contracts, inventory, communications with third parties, the status of work done, team progress, and cost and profit overview.

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  • 4Construction is a product of Intelligent Systems – a leading Microsoft Dynamics partner in Europe, part of the Inner Circle member. We have over 200 business software consultants and have delivered more than 500 projects in over 55+ countries worldwide.

Why we do it?

Running a business in the construction field means learning how to cope with dynamic changes related to the market environment. In the last years, construction companies have been booming, yet the market conditions relating to cost of materials, working hands, etc. are too unstable. On the other side, managing many projects is challenging and requires your full attention.

These are just part of the factors that increase the need for an all-in-one business solution that will assist companies in managing their projects efficiently. Thus, at 4Construction, we got the inspiration to develop a unified software system aimed to put all business operations together and provide a comprehensive overview of projects, bids, machinery, personnel, and resources.


With our 19-years of experience in the construction field, we ensure an agile platform that meets all industry requirements. We have a highly experienced team that is always ready to help you with any challenges. Located in our own offices in Belgium, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Albania, our specialists deliver projects internationally.

After choosing 4Construction for your business, we ensure a smooth transition from your existing work environment to the software system. In the new conditions, your employees in leading positions will access all needed resources quickly. That will help in time optimization, increasing efficiency, and better work tracking.

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