4Construction is a specialized ERP solution designed for medium-sized and large companies in the construction and project management sectors. Based on the latest version of the Microsoft Dynamics 365, the software consolidates all business operations and provides a comprehensive overview of projects, bids, machinery, personnel and resources. 4Construction requires a minimum of 20 users.


4Construction covers every process throughout the construction cycle: from quotation, project management and tracking to exploitation and maintenance.


What you can do with 4Construction:

  • Offering for investors and contractors using cost norms.
  • Automatic proposal to purchase or transfer the required materials from a cost account to a warehouse at the site through master resource planning (MRP).
  • Automatic integration with the Microsoft Dynamics Financial Module.
  • Access to operational and management analyses and reports, tracking of various KPIs by object, contracts and more.
  • Client’s interim payment certificate (IPC) and subcontractor’s IPC.
  • Import Bill of Quantity from Excel with detailed internal project template (BoQ format).
  • Аutomated tracking of expenses for activities based on the reported progress.
  • Integration with Microsoft products, such as Excel, Project and others.

Industry sectors

4Construction is a flexible solution that provides the right tools for construction companies to effectively distribute and manage time, machinery, employees and resources. We provide functionalities related to the following fields:

What is your role?

With 4Construction functionalities, your managers and team leaders can gain control over work done, the status of phases, and financial operations. Also, they can optimize processes, analyze performance and productivity, monitor inventory and cooperation with third parties, and make informed business decisions.

Are you responsible for more than one building project? Are you aware of their status, cash flows, and deadlines? With 4Construction, you will have a comprehensive overview of everything important.

4Construction provides many benefits to project managers. Through the system, you will have quick access to crucial points of your project. From warehouse conditions through communications with vendors and subcontractors to tracking the work done, you will always be up-to-date with your projects progress.

With activity execution functionality, your employees can report their work done. Thus, you will be able to track the completion of the tasks in the construction project.

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